Who is LadyDragon ?

Internationally known as an expert of the industry because of her in dept knowledge on all the facets of the industry which include the PC, the Video and the Wireless. Now with 3 consoles on the market to choose from plus PC upgrading all the time and adding more hardware and accessories to play with not counting that everything is moving to become wireless people all over the world relies on her expertise in order to get the true facts and information that they need for their purchases or their knowledge.

Dragon LadySince now everything or anyone that is successful will become or be in a game sooner or later LadyDragon brings you powerful interviews like the 2 exclusives with Joanie Laurer formerly know as Chyna from the WWF ( World Wrestling Federation)

LadyDragon takes great pride in discovering new products, companies and people that are unknown and giving them a chance to be heard like the company Strategy First.

Click here to listen to the latest LadyDragon’ s radio appearance.

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