dragon_lady_by_elissandranne-d5um8vc.pngCapcom® today announced the release of Devil May Cry 2, the highly anticipated “gothic thriller” for the Play Stationâ 2 computer entertainment system. Sequel to Devil May Cry, that has sold nearly three million units worldwide, Devil May Cry 2 sees the return of Dante, a half-human, half-demon, devil hunter and introduces Lucia, a stunning female heroine with the ability to decimate enemies using scalpel-like precision. Devil May Cry 2 is rated ‘M’ for gamers over the age of 17 by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) and is now available at retailers across North America.

“Devil May Cry 2 offers renewed character design and two playable characters,” said Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom Entertainment “This sequel will certainly live up to the anticipation that our fans demand.”

Devil May Cry 2 boasts the following features:

Two playable characters – Play as the world’s coolest demon slayer, Dante or as the devilishly sexy Lucia, who backs up her good looks with quick maneuvers and deadly accuracy.

dragon-lady-live-wallpaper-549695-1-s-307x512Twice the sizzle as the original – Devil May Cry 2’s level design far exceeds the original. Much of the game’s environment is outdoors and will include a Gotham-like cityscape and an old European town.

Renewed character design – Dante is even more ‘stylish’ and tough than before. He has more experience fighting demons and players are sure to notice his unique style and overall look.

Adjusting difficulty – Devil May Cry 2 tracks a player’s skill level and adjusts enemies’ difficulty on how well the player performs. This feature provides accessibility to all skill levels making the game perfect for anyone who loves a good action game.

New Moves – Dante now has more moves and attacks such as running and jumping on walls, performing aerial kicks and simultaneously shooting in two directions.

Enhanced Devil Trigger – Once Dante’s devil meter is full, he will be able to transform into a demon. In his demon form Dante can destroy enemies with one smashing blow.

3f9285e9a8ab57422432824ef0d4f5a5New and unique weapons – Not only will Devil May Cry 2 feature popular weapons from the original, but it will also include brand new ones. Each weapon will have a unique design and incredible particle effects.

Visual Appeal – Incredible jaw-dropping animation and visual detail set in rich environments.

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