Sonic Adventure

Sonic faster and cuter then ever !

Since its creation in 1991, Sonic has been known as the fastest hedgehog in the digital world. well now the Sonic Team brings Sonic back to us, but this time faster and cuter then ever.

Sonic Adeventure was the first game announced on Dreamcast and everyone was looking forward to try it and see if Dreamcast really was as good and fast as was said.

The first thing you will notice when you start the game is how sharp and fluid the graphics are. The 360 degrees of rotation Sonic has is so fast that you can even get dizzy if you turn in circle a lot, thats how fast it is.

When you start the game you must pick Sonic to play the introduction. There is a Chaos creature that you must defeat in order to move on with the game and the story. Afterwards you will have other playable characters to choose from, you can only play them after they have been introduced in the story. Miles “Tail” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, E-102 Gamma and Big the Cat, 6 in all, each with 360 degrees of movement.

All of them have different skills and objectives in mind that intertwines with the main story. Dr. Robotnik also known as “Eggman” wants to destroy and take over the world with this mysterious liquified life-form called Chaos. Each time it is fed an Emerald it grows bigger if it is fed all the 7 Chaos Emeralds Dr.Robotnik will take over the world so you must find them all before him.

You have 6 huge adventure worlds to explore and play in, divided in numerous ways. You have action stage that are divided in 3 levels, mini-games like the sky-chase with Tail or the Chaos Race. All of this will add up to over 50 levels for you to play. You also have a trial mode where you can replay action levels or mini-games that have been completed before. When you have cleared an action level you will receive an Emblem with your character on it as a reward and you can also find some while you play.

All throughout these levels you find rings that you pick up and as long as you have one with you you wont suffer damage when you encounter enemies. if not you will lose a life or you get one if you carry a 100. All through the game you have point markers that will display the time you crossed it and they are where you will start from if you lose a life.

You also have a very interesting virtual creature feature included in this game called the Chaos Creatures.

“Sonic celebrating Christmas with his two Chaos Creatures!”

“Watch out for the Whale!”

You have a Chaos Garden in each adventure field where you have eggs in it for you to take care of. You must act like a parent to each Chaos Creature and the way you treat and care for them will determine the outcome of their personalities and behaviors. So you need to feed and play with them and bring them animals that you rescue throughout the game. You can bring them for a walk in the other Garden that you have found or have them race in mini-games.

The control of Sonic Adventure can be hard sometimes because of two things first the camera does not turn fast enough sometimes or does not turn at all or part of the level will hide your point of view which will cost you some life sometimes and at different places in the game your character does not turn so you must avoid these places. Also the refresh rate of the graphics is lower at a few places but nothing major. You will also encounter some people in the game that just stay there it kind of odd they look more like cardboard people then anything else they are apart from the game since they do not move or do anything.

But the speed and the graphics will make up for it big time. The Sonic Team took some pictures of the coast of Mexico and based their design on it and it is very well done it really will give you the impression that you are on vacation on an island. Not only the design has a lot of depth but the refresh rate of the new Dreamcast will impress you. Not only the graphics and design are stunning but the speed of the game is so halucinatingly fast sometimes that you can get dizzy. At one point you have sonic running on a boardwalk then you get to a point where a killer whale jumps out of the ocean and tries to eat you as you run like a maniac to get out of there. that sequence is a pure masterpiece so well thoughtout and done ( look at the screenshot above). The sound and music intertwine perfectly with all the actions and the events that you view as the characters talk to each other. They also paid attention to little details, like when your character walks on the sand, it leaves foot marks.

Sonic Adventure is the best game in the 3D platform to own and do not forget that the game is on a one gigabyte disk so you will get a lot for your money and you will be quite impressed and pleased with how this game plays and looks. And don’t forget with the Dreamcast Network you will be able to trade Chaos or download add-ons.

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