Soul Calibur

 the best game on Dreamcast so far !

Yes Soul Calibur is the best game on Dreamcast as of to date. If you want to see the capacity of the Dreamcast and what a developer can do with it, Namco fighting game Soul Calibur is a must see.

By now you have heard about how the graphics are good but Namco has done a outstanding job in creating this fighting game with also combining all the elements like speed, sound, gameplay together with breath taking graphics that makes Soul Calibur a total success.

At the beginning you have 10 fighters you can select; Taki, Kilik, Xianghua Ivy, Astoroh, heishiro, Mitsurugi, Voldo, Ivy Sophitia Alexendra, Max, Nightmare and Astoroth. More characters can be unlock as you play like Hwang Sung Kyung, they call it a new soul.

Like I said before the gameplay is intensive for two major reason first each character has deferent skills and fighting style with over 50 complexes moves for you to learn. All of the fighters carry a deferent weapon some a stick other a sword so you many combination to learn.

You also have deferent game mode; arcade , vs. Battle, team, time attack, and survival. When you fight not only you can unlock characters but also new game mode and even more you get points that you can use in the museum mode where with your point you can purchase art picture for you to see all

” Meet Taki ! “

“Great background graphics!”

are worth a specific among of point so you must accumulate and play a lot if you want to see them all, it is it is nice treat and feature.

Well the only thing i would change about it would be that at the end of let say arcade mode or time mode you get the same ending Inferno is the one to beat a deferent character would of been nice but that is only a very thing because Inferno is somewhat a bit faster then the others so you must really react fast or else your done.

The entire game is a masterpiece really you will be struck by how all the elements I told you before blend so well together. The graphics are breath taking you can look anywhere from far in the background to the knees or body shape of any characters and you will be impress. Namco made sure to create a game with a lot of detail for you to observe. The sound of the weapons and the voice of the character are very clear for you to hear and see at the same time putting in the game mood. The speed of the game will make you experience the best 3D fighting game you have ever seen.

I could go on forever in taking about how well and great this game is because it has so much depth and quality in it, Soul Calibur is a must buy game to have in your collection it simply fantastic that the game industry started with Pong and now Soul Calibur is the new standard of top notch quality games.

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