Power Stone

Power Stone Rocks !

Power Stone is Capcom’s first 3-D, run anywhere, grab almost anything, fighter. This isn’t one of Capcom’s run of the mill fighting games, Power Stone takes Capcom in a whole new direction in this Arcade-Perfect port over to the Sega Dreamcast. In a world of upcoming 3-D fighters, Capcom has shown on the Sega Dreamcast, they can keep up.

Power Stone has you engage in battle with 8 new fighters called: Falcon, Ryoma, Wang Tang, Jack, Gunrock, Galuda, Ayame, Rouge. That is not including hidden fighters in several fully interactive locations. Along with items for usage on the battle ground, the battleground itself can be a weapon as you lure your opponent into a spinning fan or swinging anchor.

The goal of Power Stone is to collect all three Power Stones which have the ability to make any wish come true, and in battle, turn you into a super powered alter ego of your chosen warrior which will activate special moves called “power drive” and “power fusion” . The battle begins with each fighter housing a Power Stone. You must knock the stone out of your opponent, pick it up, and obtain all three stones to reach unbelievable power. It seems simple, but the computer’s AI is programmed to run after those Power Stones, so if you see a Power Stone off somewhere in the arena, the Computer Controlled Opponent will most likely ditch you for the stone.

The fighting engine is pretty adolescent; anyone can pick up this game and begin using combos. Though, to truly master this game you have to learn to fight along with your surroundings. If there’s a Pole, use it to swing into your opponent.

“Choose your Fighter!”

“Use Special Weapons – like the Bazooka”

Each fighter has a unique alter ego, such as Ayami the Ninja girl turns into a Futuristic Ninja Robot and Rouge the Gypsy into a Fire Goddess. Along with the changes, each time the game is defeated with each character something new is opened up in the Book of Power Stone. The secrets unlocked range from Special Items to Downloadable VMU Mini-Games (which is a secret that will unlock another).

Power Stone includes a traditional Arcade Mode in which you fight all characters and unlock endings. A VS. mode where you and a friend can go at it. Then the Book of Power Stone which is your checklist to Items, Hidden Mode, and Characters you have unlocked in the game.

The graphics and sounds in Power Stone are top notch and do not let the Capcom name down. While the tunes may not be as catchy as those in Marvel Vs.Capcom and Street Fighter, they are still enjoyable during the game. The game voices in the US Version weren’t dubbed, but it’s doesn’t decline the high quality of this game.

Overall, if your looking for a Dreamcast title to satisfy, Power Stone is an easy fighter to pick up and enjoy. With it’s unique style, Power Stone will easily keep you captivated. Power Stone will engulf you, but leave you asking for more, the only flaw in this Top Notch game.

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