NFL 2k

Football at is best !

SEGA brings us NFL 2k, a great football game on Dreamcast that is setting a new standard in the gaming industry. Visual Concept made an outstanding job to bring you the best football game as of now on the market, NFL 2k.

The made the interface clear and and easy to understand. the menu is made in a shape of a football divide in section where you choose your setting and your game mode.

You have the usual option in a football like training where you practice your team, Exhibition to play off season, Tournament where you can have 4, 8 , 16 teams playing and choose if you or the cpu control them, Season is a full 16 games season where you goal is to get to the Super Bowl or course, Playoff will make you compete from the wild card position till the Super Bowl, Fantasy is where you can draft and a season that you design yourself.

Quickstart will put you right in a game with 2 teams that the cpu has pick for you. Tutorial will allow you to familiarize yourself with the game and the setting. Customize will give you to freedom the design your own play, players and teams the way you want. and of course with the option you also decide quarter length, skill level, game speed, the play calling, penalties and the weather condition.

The only thing really missing in this game is you cannot play on the internet through the Dreamcast Network with other by beside the game outstanding.

First you be amaze about how stunning the graphics are because the game runs at 60 frames a second. The players are look very real even when they play in a cold weather you see them breath out the cold air that is how real it is.

” Like watching TV !”

” Great graphics! “

They also SEGA used 16 professional players to do 1500 motion- captured moves to really get you in the game.

The control are the best there is too you cannot have a more simple control and interface like NFL 2k having play all the the football games out there. If you always got confused with plays not sure what they are about you won’t be with this one. If you want to choose a shot gun play you click shot gun then the choice of shot gun there browse to one then it will show full screen where witch player will go not little small screen with 10 second to figure out. You get the full 30 seconds so you can browse to play, think and made your decision. After click R1 to see with player is what key then you are fully aware and prepare for the snap. They you throw when you see fit. If your wide receiver makes a great catch you will have full control again of a camera that will show the catch from all the angles.

When you play, you would think you are playing in a Monday Night Football game as Leslie Visser do the commentating on the side line during the game you in this game a reporter called Michelle Westphal that will do comments on the side line during your game. The commentary really get you into the game you wont be bored while you play they recorded 4000 thousand comments and intertwine then very well to give the game even more life and realism.

NFL 2k is the best football game on the market as of to date so if you always wanted to learn to play football get this game and of course a must for all the football fans out there.



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