About us

LadyDragon’s site is the #1 Canadian Gaming site and the only one in the world done in French and English where you get quality articles and up to date news and information that has value to the gamer and the internet communities.

LadyDragon.Com is based in Montreal, Canada and specializes in promoting, analyzing, and testing all of the different software and hardware products available in the computer gaming industry. Over 200 companies, like Electronic Arts, Activation, Playboy, Microsoft, and PlayStation are relying on the success of LadyDragon.com to promote their products and companies in the French and in the English market throughout the world.

We do our promoting on different levels. First, we have an online, bilingual (French and English) website that is updated on a daily basis. The site contains over 30 sections, and covers everything from PC products to the new Xbox system from Microsoft. We have many different people from all over the world relying on our accurate reviews, previews and insight.

Our own LadyDragon makes special radio appearances to discuss the current state of the gaming industry on CJAD Montreal, the leading english radio station in the Province of Quebec.


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